The Amazing Feature of Shareable Contest on the Real11 App

Sharing  anything with others can do wonders, if it works in the right way. Fantasy cricket has a wide dimension and if popularised at large scale then it could be a game changer for you. The Real11 app gives a chance to all its users to share the contest with family and friends, as much as they can in reward of free contest. The fantasy cricket app offers users the luxury to share the contest to at least 10 players, and if the users make an entry in the particular category then you’ll get a free entry in that particular contest. If an individual shares a contest to 20 people then they will get two free entries in the particular contest and so on. The big reason behind the free entry is to seek the attention of the fantasy sports lover and Real11 strives to do so. Shareable Contest is a powerful tool for both the company and the users, as it costs zero. It’s like marketing an amazing app through the current authentic users, as the current players influence the other players to play on the Real11 app. 

The Real11 app has managed to satisfy each of its users through attractive offers. New users get the chance to play for free by just sharing the contest. It's a little bit demanding but one thing that needs to be considered is that no money is required to play in these contests and it’s a big reward given by the fantasy platform. Sharing is caring but in fantasy it’s sharing and winning without any risk, as the Real11 app facilitates an amazing opportunity to the users who have the skills and knowledge but don’t have the money to partake in that contest. That is where they can share the contest, invite others and play for free! The Shareable Contest doesn't mean that you can tap and share the link randomly to anyone and you’ll get the free entry. 

The most important thing about sharing is that, the one whom you share the contest with, should play the contest otherwise the user who shared the contest will get no free entry. The Real 11 app is a great platform for the new users, allowing them to avail exciting offers on a daily basis. The competition in fantasy cricket is tough, as there are too many players in the market. Users can easily find new players and lure them into playing the contest. The Shareable Contest is a great initiative by Real11 app to increase players in the market and it will definitely raise the stakes among players. The cricket fantasy app offers their players to play a free contest on the basis of the assigned task. As long as you share the contest to the maximum number of people, you’ll attain maximum free rewards from Real11.